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R&D Incentives

Our tax experts can help you make the most of your research and innovation efforts. We can help you navigate the many local and international tax systems to make your tax scheme a strategic asset in your innovation process.

Innovation, a driver of growth and competitiveness supported by tax incentives

Introducing something new, providing a new way of satisfying a need – that’s how we might define Innovation.

  • It is a key factor in ensuring a country’s competitiveness and economic growth, by responding creatively and competently to contemporary challenges.
  • It is made possible by the production of scientific and technological knowledge by the world of research and industry.

In France, innovation plays a significant role, making essential contributions in many sectors (ranked 11th in the Global Innovation Index 2023).

In this respect, tax incentives are essential tools for stimulating and supporting dynamics of innovation. They represent a strategic commitment by the State to (i) encourage the quantity and quality of research and innovation output within our economy and (ii) strengthen interactions between academic institutions and businesses to improve the circulation of knowledge and know-how.

By easing the financial constraints on the R&D work already undertaken, these measures will let businesses to focus fully on their ability to innovate, thereby guaranteeing sustainable growth and France’s competitiveness on the international stage.

FRS, leader in innovation strategy and financing

Since our creation, more than 99.5% of tax credit applications that have followed our methodology and recommendations and been verified by the authorities have been successful.

FRS is listed as a Research Tax Credit (RTC)/ Innovation Tax Credit (ITC) advisor

The RTC/ITC referencing label, run by the French Business Ombudsman, is a guarantee of confidence and competence in the field of Research Tax Credit and Innovation Tax Credit consultancy. This label illustrates our commitment to the highest standards in innovation consulting.

To obtain the label, a rigorous set of criteria must be met, as defined by a committee made up of representatives of consultancy firms, client companies and the authorities. Our assessment by the Business Ombudsman confirmed our technical and fiscal expertise in the field, as well as our ability to continually adapt to changes in the environment and regulations.

This listing demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest quality consultancy services, always in line with the latest developments and requirements in the sector. By choosing FRS, you can be assured of a reliable and proven partnership rooted in excellence and innovation.

FRS simplifies your financing process

01 08

Research tax credit

The Research Tax Credit (RTC) is an essential funding tool for innovative companies. It is calculated on the basis of R&D expenditure incurred by the company during the calendar year, regardless of the closing date (30% of R&D expenditure for an initial tranche of up to €100 million).

02 08

Innovation Tax Credit

The Innovation Tax Credit (ITC), intended solely for SMEs, is designed to support companies that incur specific expenditure to innovate.

03 08

R&D Tax Credit for Collaborative Research

Finance Act 2022 introduced the R&D Tax Credit for Collaborative Research to encourage R&D in partnership with research centres.

04 08

Accreditation RTC/ITC

RTC accreditation is designed to ensure the organisation requesting it has the R&D capabilities to act as a service provider on behalf of third parties. Thus, it provides companies subcontracting work with the ability to claim subcontractor expenses in their RTC.

05 08

Young Innovative Company

The Young Innovative Company (YIC) and Young University Company (YUC) schemes represent key tax opportunities for start-ups involved in research and development. They offer tax and social security relief, calculated based on the company's R&D expenditure, thereby encouraging innovation and the growth of young companies in France.

06 08

IP Box

The IP Box is a tax relief scheme that offers a reduced corporate tax rateon profits derived from qualifying intellectual property, such as patents and copyright. It aims to encourage innovation and research by rewarding companies that invest in the development of new technologies and solutions.

07 08

International R&D Tax Credit Incentives

For over a decade, FRS has been helping companies all over the world to finance their innovative R&D projects through the management of R&D tax incentives.

08 08

Artistic Crafts Tax Credit (CIMA)

The Artistic Crafts Tax Credit (CIMA, for Crédit d'Impôt Métiers d'Art) is a French fiscal measure designed to financially support artisanal businesses in their creative and innovative endeavors. Its goal is to encourage the development and creation of original works in the artistic crafts, thereby strengthening French craftsmanship and excellence.