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Financing major projects

FRS can help you finance your major investment projects of over €25 million, working with international development banks and private banks to provide comprehensive, expert support, from project analysis to securing the funds.

Have your investments financed

For investment projects over €25 million that promote sustainable development objectives in climate and the environment, agribusiness, energy, infrastructure, innovation, etc., international financial institutions, also known as Development Banks, provide risk capital for economic development projects on a non-commercial basis.

This development-oriented financing with incentive interest rates supports both private and public sector operations.

A full range of financial instruments are available, from senior loans to equity, convertible bonds and guarantees.

Daily, our public finance experts, together with our technical experts, handle financing applications for major investment projects in Europe and Africa.

How FRS can help you with your project?

FRS supports your major investment projects of over €25 million through venture capital and loan financing in cooperation with international development banks.

Our experience and know-how in financing infrastructure, industrialisation support, agribusiness and sustainable development projects are based on:

  • A team of high-level experts in financing and cutting-edge techniques
  • A thorough understanding of the mechanisms and successive stages of the financing process
  • Extensive experience in working with major companies.

FRS provides support at every stage of the financing process: from a complete analysis of the project in economic, financial, technical, environmental, and social terms, to the financial arrangement of the file in close liaison with international financial institutions, right through to obtaining the funds and final repayment.