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FRS accompanies you in the construction of your innovation projects

Innovation Strategy

In order for a company to complete its innovative project and ensure its growth on international markets, it must have an innovation strategy. Indeed, having a formal strategy allows coherent policies to be established within the heart of the company, which will be mutally reinforced in order to obtain audacious competitive objectives, namely those concerning investments.

Each innovation strategy is a contribution to the company's global strategy. It is more than just a collection of good practices. It structures each successive step of innovation, integrating the necessary public or private partnerships and organising the synergies between the company's commercial, R&D and financial services, thereby particpating in the company's competitive objectives.

FRS, leader in innovation strategy, intervenes at the conception of innovative projects to establish a precise and demanding road map for the short and long term, to determine the necessary actions to obtain the established objectives and even beyond. The ecosystem developed by FRS ensures the contributions of institutional and private actors which are useful in the project's implementation and includes the necessary financing to guarantee investments, even for budgets above EUR 25 million. FRS provides 360° coverage of your financing needs.

Innovation Strategy

Research Tax Credit
The French Research Tax Credit (Crédit d’Impôt Recherche, CIR) is a fiscal measure designed to aid companies’ Research & Development (R&D) efforts. It allows a tax reduction based on R&D expenditures...
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Tax Credit for Artistic Professions
In order to encourage excellent artistic craftsmanship and to safeguard traditional know-how, this tax credit allows financial support for the innovative capacities of Art companies and industries. It...
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Innovation Tax Credit
The 2013 Financial Law extended the scope of the Research Tax Credit (CIR) to Innovation work. The objective of the Innovation Tax Credit (CII), intended only for SMEs, is to support companies that ha...
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Video Games Tax Credit
The Tax Credit for the Creation of Video Games or « CIJV », should allow French video game actors to improve their competitiveness and to establish their place on the international market. It was rece...
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Young Innovative Company (YIC/JEI)
Created by the 2004 Financial Law, Young Innovative Company Status allows certain social and fiscal exemptions. Nearly 2,000 companies benefit from this status in France, which makes France one of the...
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